Game Rewards

Different ways for users to win prizes

TradeStars is a platform designed for sports enthusiasts who want to apply their sports knowledge to a game and be rewarded for it in various ways. And so the game offers multiple ways to win rewards by leveraging sports expertise.

Maximizing your portfolio value over time.

Users can earn rewards by buying and holding fantasy stocks of high-performing athletes, based on the analysis of real-life sports events such as player injuries, team performance, and popularity.

To maximize your portfolio value over time on TradeStars, you need to make informed investment decisions based on your sports knowledge and analysis of real-life sports events. Here are a few ways to do that:

  1. Diversify your portfolio: By investing in multiple sports fantasy stocks, you can spread out your risk and reduce the impact of any one stock’s poor performance. Make sure to research the different sports and athletes to identify the most promising ones.

  2. Monitor the sports news: Keeping up-to-date with the latest sports news and events is essential to making informed investment decisions. Look out for injuries, transfers, and upcoming fixtures to anticipate how they might affect the value of your shares.

  3. Pay attention to the market sentiment: The value of sports fantasy stocks on TradeStars is influenced by supply and demand, which is affected by market sentiment. Keep an eye on what other users are buying and selling to identify trends and adjust your investments accordingly.

  4. Be patient: Maximizing your portfolio value on TradeStars is a long-term strategy. Rather than trying to make quick profits, focus on making informed investments and holding on to them for the long haul.

By following these strategies, you can gradually maximize the value of your portfolio over time and increase your chances of earning rewards on TradeStars.

Fantasy Stocks Dividends

After each game Dividends will be paid to the top performer fantasy stock per position in that game and users holding fantasy stocks of these players will receive a proportional amount of the dividends based on their share holdings.

As example, If 10.000 chips are paid for a given match in cricket, then 2.500 chips are assigned to the best Bowler, 2.500 to the best batter, 2.500 to the best wicketkeeper and 2.500 to the best all rounder. Holding a 1% of the shares of these players will get you 1% of the 2.500 chips for each.

To be able to qualify for dividends payment, only the amount of shares you have before the given match starts and you keep holding over the duration of the match counts.

The amount of dividends may vary from game to game, and we will introduce new and more exciting dividends schemas and prizes soon.

TSX Rewards

After each match finishes we assign the final Fantasy Score to each of the sport players that participated in that game.

If you hold Fantasy Stocks of those players during the actual matches happen you’ll accrue that player’s Fantasy Points to your weekly leaderboard Fantasy Points.

At the start of a new week (every Monday at 00:00 UTC) we will distribute TSX to every participating user that accumulated fantasy points over the previous week.

The final amount of TSX the each user will receive is based on the following formula:

TSX=FantasyPointsSportMultiplierLeaderboardMultiplierTSX = FantasyPoints * SportMultiplier * LeaderboardMultiplier

Where the Sport Multiplier is:

SportSport Multiplier





And the Leaderboard Multiplier is based on the following table:

Player PercentileReward Multiplier

0 - 5%

2x TSX

6 - 10%

1.75x TSX

11 - 15%

1.5x TSX

16 - 20%

1.35x TSX

21 - 25%

1.2x TSX

26 - 30%

1.1x TSX

31 - 35%

1.05x TSX

36 - 40%

1x TSX

41 - 45%

0.95x TSX

46 - 50%

0.9x TSX

51 - 55%

0.8x TSX

56 - 60%

0.7x TSX

61 - 65%

0.6x TSX

66 - 70%

0.5x TSX

71 - 75%

0.4x TSX

76 - 80%

0.3x TSX

81 - 85%

0.2x TSX

86 - 90%

0.15x TSX

91 - 95%

0.1x TSX

96 - 100%

0.05x TSX

Market Fees Rewards

Another way for users to earn in the platform is to “stake” these earned TSX on different fantasy stocks’ markets.

Every time there is a trade transaction (every time there is a buy or a sell of a fantasy stock) TradeStars takes a fixed 2.5% commission as ‘trading fee’ of the total amount traded.

This 2.5% is then distributed in real time to the different users that have staked TSX in those markets, proportionally to the share holdings of their stake.

Daily Competitions

Daily Fantasy Challenges, involve answering a series of questions about the day's games and competing to win a prize. In this specific game mode, there are 12 questions, and if you perform well, you could win 100 times the entry fee.

Here's how it works:

  1. Entry fee: To participate in the challenge, you'll need to pay an entry fee with chips.

  2. 12 questions: On the day of the challenge, you'll be given 12 questions related to that day's games. These questions may cover various aspects of the games, such as player performance, team statistics, or specific in-game events. For example, you may be asked to predict if the player will score more or less that his average fantasy points.

  3. Answering questions: You'll need to submit your answers to the questions before the games begin. Your answers should be based on your knowledge of the sport, the teams, and the players, as well as any relevant recent events or game strategies.

  4. Scoring: Once the games are completed, your answers will be compared to the actual outcomes of the events you predicted.

  5. Prizes: Whenever you answer 7 or more questions correctly you will earn a prize rewards in chips. In this specific game mode, the top winners can earn 100 times the entry fee. The exact distribution of prizes is based on the following table:

Correct AnswersPrize Multiplier













These daily challenges are a fun way to test your sports knowledge, engage with fellow fans, and potentially win big prizes. Keep in mind that there's always an element of risk in such competitions. Always participate responsibly and within your means.

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