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Game Tokens

In-game currencies and their utility

What are the TradeStars Chips ?

Chips is an in-game token used to:
  • Buy and Sell Fantasy stocks inside the game
  • Pay Fantasy Stocks Dividends
  • Pay Market Trading Fees
  • Participate in Daily / per match competitions (soon)

What is TradeStars TSX ?

TSX is an utility token and a major component of the TradeStars' ecosystem. Is an ERC-20 standard compliant digital token on the Ethereum blockchain and is the vehicle to drive alignment and participation in the platform.
TSX is used to:
  • Reward participation and top performers on a weekly basis
  • Stake in the fantasy stocks’ markets to earn a share of it transaction fees
  • Upgrade profile to increase your rewards inside the game
  • Participate in the platform governance