Game Overview

Use your sports knowledge to win huge prizes.

What is the goal of the game?

The goal of the game is to use your sports knowledge to invest in the best performing sport players, with the ultimate aim of maximizing the value of your portfolio and winning the most fantasy points on a weekly basis.

To do this, players need to carefully analyze the sports market and make informed investment decisions. They can buy and sell fantasy stocks based on real-life events, such as a player's injury or a team's recent performance, to maximize their returns and increase their portfolio's value.

Playing on TradeStars requires a combination of sports knowledge, analytical skills, and strategic thinking to make the right investment decisions and earn the highest possible rewards.

Fantasy Stocks trading, Weekly and Daily Competitions

Different game modes can be played at the same time.

Users have the option to invest in sports players for either the long or short term, taking into account their anticipated future performance and the potential for receiving dividends or maximizing the value upon selling these stocks.

Additionally, every time there is an actual match, players accumulate fantasy points and if the users hold stocks of these players while the duration of the match, the users accumulate these fantasy points to their weekly leaderboard.

At the end each week (Monday 00:00 UTC) users are evaluated based the number of fantasy points earned and awarded rewards in the form of TSX tokens, which can be used inside the game to upgrade their profile, earn monetary rewards, participate in the governance to decide the product’s evolution, or withdrawn to an external wallet at any time.

TradeStars will roll out Daily Competitions where users will be able to challenge each other and friends for direct instantaneous rewards.

Multiple ways to earn Rewards

To summarize, there are currently five methods for users to earn rewards while playing on TradeStars:

  • Appreciation of portfolio value

  • Payment of dividends

  • The accumulation of Fantasy Points in weekly leaderboards for TSX Rewards, and positional prizes.

  • A percentage of the market fees, based on the amount of TSX staked in the markets.

  • Daily multipliers prizes up to 100x the entry fees.

We will explain these in the following section: Game Rewards

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