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The Trading and Gaming layers explained.

The Trading & The Gaming Layers

TradeStars will have two integrated platforms where users can play. The Trading Layer (the fantasy stocks exchange) and the Gaming Layer (The Game Center). Both layers will be interconnected by gaming and economic incentives. Users will be encouraged to interact with both layers to maximize their rewards. The TSX$ will be the currency used across the board.
In the Trading Layer (The Market), users will be able to build fantasy stocks portfolios of their chosen athletes by trading fantasy shares in the market. The objective is to maximize rewards (dividends payments) and to achieve portfolio value appreciation (fantasy stocks price increase). TradeStars will pay dividends to shareholders of the top performing athletes (i.e. athletes that score more fantasy points in relation to its peers). Users will user their sports knowledge to identify which are the right fantasy stocks to hold in their portfolio based on the expected real life performance of the athlete and the stock's price. The price of each fantasy stock will in turn be determined by the demand in the market.
In the Gaming Layer (Game Center), users will be able to participate in more traditional daily fantasy sports (DFS) competitions. They will be able to signup to a contest and build a fantasy team to compete against other users. Users will have a set budget to build a team and will use their sports knowledge to maximize their chances of winning. Each contest will distribute rewards to the winner(s).

How are the two layers integrated?

There are many possible ways and ideas of how to connect both layers. Conceptually, the Gaming Layer will create the incentives for users to trade fantasy stocks in the exchange.
The first bridge between both layers will be the TSX$ Dividends Program that will be launch shortly after the release of the Game Centre. In a nutshell, TradeStars will pay TSX$ dividends to users holding fantasy stocks of top performing players. Players will be ranked by how well they perform in fantasy sports contests hosted on the Gaming Layer.
Other possible integrations between layers are: fantasy points boosters for users holding specific stocks, invitations to participate in exclusive DFS contests based on fantasy stock holdings or portfolio value, discount in trading fees for users winning DFS contests, etc. Many of these will be discussed and put to vote in the community.
Users will be able to play-to-earn in both layers independently. However, they will be able to increase their rewards by interacting with both layers at the same time.

What features are available today?

The initial version of the Trading Layer (The Market) was launched in August 2021. Users can buy, sell and trade fantasy stocks to build their portfolio. They can also participate in unlocking players to the market and benefit from providing the initial liquidity to the players pool.
The initial version of the Gaming Layer (The Game Center) was released in April 2022. Users can now compete agains other members of the TradeStars community in DFS contest to win rewards. Users can join DFS contests for top sporting events worldwide and build their own fantasy teams. Multiple contest formats are supported as well as gamification features.
Next, we will release the TSX$ Dividends Plan. This will represent the key link between both layers and close the rewards and gamification ecosystem.