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What is the Game Center?

The Game Center is TradeStars’ DFS (Daily Fantasy Sports) platform. From here users will create fantasy teams and compete against each other to win contests and earn rewards.
TradeStars Game Center

How does it work?

Users willing to participate in TradeStars hosted Fantasy Sports Contests will head to the Game Center menu and:
  1. 1.
    Select a Match (real life event) - The top sporting events will be featured. TradeStars will host contests for all the top upcoming matches around the world. Whether it is your favorite team or country playing, you will be able to find a contest to sign up to.
  2. 2.
    Join a Contest - TradeStars will host free and paid contests. You might find more than one contest for a given match but each contest will have its own prize and rules . (e.g. number of participants, entry fee, prize distribution, etc.). Choose a contest that suits you and compete with other users.
  3. 3.
    Create your Fantasy Team - Select your starting line-up based on who you think will perform well in the match. Once the match is live, your team will earn fantasy points based on your selected players' performance and our scoring system.
  4. 4.
    Check Results and Claim Rewards - Once the game is over you will be able to check the final results of each competition you’ve entered. You can check player stats and contest leaderboard. If you are a lucky winner, claim your rewards!
How to participate in DFS contests
The Game Center will feature multiple contests for users to participate. There might be more than one contest for a given match (popular matches will probably have more than one contest). Contests will be either free to enter or paid.
Initially TradeStars will create free contests but soon users will be able to create their own customized free/paid competitions.

Types of Fantasy Contests

  • Entry (Free Game / Paid Game): is how much it will cost to participate in the contest.
  • Number of participants (spots): is the maximum number of spots in the contest.
  • Number of winners: is the number of fantasy teams that will receive rewards. The Prize Pool will be proportionally distributed between how the teams rank.
  • Prize Pool: The rewards to be distributed to the winner(s) of the contest. This is a TSX$ amount.
  • Guaranteed / Not Guaranteed: if a contest is not guaranteed, then a minimum number of participants is required for the contest to go run. The minimum number of participants required will be the same as the number of participants that will receive rewards in the contest. On the other hand, if the contest is guaranteed, it means that the contest will run if the participants are at least 2.
Fantasy Contest Card
  • Prize pool of 50 TSX
  • Free entry contest
  • 50 Available spots
  • First prize gets 25 TSX
  • Top 50% teams will get rewarded (60% of available spots)
  • Contest is guaranteed to run. (Even not all spots filled)

Drafting a Fantasy Team

You will have 100 credits to pick your team. This is your virtual budget. And your goal is to create a well-balanced team of players using the 100 credits given.
The credits needed to draft a player in your Fantasy Team are based on the athletes' real life performance and how it compares with that of the other players in the match.
Draft a Fantasy Team

Prize Pool Distribution

The contest organizer can choose how the prize is distributed. There are different way of distributing the prize pool based on how the fantasy teams rank at the end of the contest:
  • Winner takes all: Winner takes 100% of the prize pool.
  • TOP 3: Winner takes 50%, 2nd 30% and 3rd 20%.
  • TOP 10: Winner takes 35%, 2nd 20%, 3rd 10%, 4th to 10th place 5%.
  • 50% of participants: teams finishing in the top half distribute 100% of the pool equally.

What happens if teams have the same number of points?

In the event of teams having the same number of points at the end of the Match, teams will be ranked by the day and time each team was submitted (the earlier the higher rank).
In the odd event that teams were created on the same day and time, the users' registration to TradeStars date and time will be considered (the earlier the higher rank).