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How many sports does TradeStars support? / Will you add other sports?

Cricket is the first sport supported by TradeStars. The intention behind this is to leverage the popularity of the sport in the Asian market. But cricket is just the beginning. We plan to progressively launch many other sports to give fans across the world the opportunity to play, invest, compete and ultimately have fun in our platform. Football (Soccer) will be the second sport in the platform (H1 2022) and we look forward to launching Basketball, American football, e-sports, and many other shortly after.

How much does it cost to play on TradeStars?

Creating an account in TradeStars is completely free, but in order to start building your portfolio of fantasy stocks you will need to deposit funds into your account. We have provided simple options to do so by using a credit / debit card, via wire transfer and other FIAT options depending on the region and availability. You can also deposit by connecting an external crypto wallet such as Metamask.

Is TradeStars safe to play?

Sure thing! We leverage the reliability, transparency and decentralization of the blockchain. Users will always maintain full ownership of the game’s digital assets. No third party can interfere with a user's assets without their permission.